this moment

A couple of days ago a friend of mine died. This event shook my being in its deepest core. It came like a tsunami. Before the water was all clear and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, without warning there came a huge wave and crushed my perfect little beach.
In the second I became more aware of how fragile life really is. How quick and suddenly it can end. You can never know when death comes and knocks at your door. And when it is over, what really matters in life?

We are born to LIVE. To experience life, to feel, to love, to embrace, to cry, to try out new things, to be afraid of pushing yourself out of your comfort zones, but do it anyways. To truly listen to our heart and what it is telling to us and trust it.

For me this has been a wake up call. It brought me truly closer to this moment. To stop me from saying ˝I will do that later when…˝ we all know how this story goes. NO! If I am able to do this now I will decide to take the chance to realize it today. Why should I wait? For what sake?

It’s true. All that we really have is the present, which is really a gift if you embrace its presence. Right now everything is happening. Right now you are deciding where you are going. Right now you exist. Yesterday not anymore. Tomorow not yet.

I wish for all of us that we will live more wholeheartedly, that we will have the courage to try out new things, to take chances which life gives us, to allow ourselves to fall in love, to do the things we always wanted to do. To not postpone anything without any real important reason. Life can only be lived in this moment.

Only this. Only now. Only you.

So my dear friend rest in peace now and forever. Thank you for the greatest lesson in my life.

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