Somewhere over the rainbow

When you are in tune with your heart, when you give your heart attencion and act by its impulses, then your life becomes easier.

You deal more with ease with heavy emotions. You trust more. You trust in healing process. You love yourself and believe in yourself. You take care of yourself. You are happy with your life. You give yourself what you need in the moment. If you need comfort, you give yourself comfort, if you need kick in the ass, you give yourself that. You don’t judge, you accept what is happening inside of you.

You always feel what you need, but sometimes you don’t like or accept your needs, whishes, desires. You need to accept who you are at this point, how you live, act, react.. and most imporat how you feel. If you feel sad and without any hope, like really down in emotional pain. Accept. You need probaly some kind of a comfort. Hug youself, give yourself perrmision to cry out loud and be sad. Really feel how it is. And then tell yourself that everything will be okay, that this is just temporarlly experience, and when you accept, you give yourself hope. Keep always in mind that heavy emotions will pass. You were not born to be in pain.

We were born to live as ours hearts desires. And we all want to feel good.
When we feel good, everything becomes easier. You have energy, motivation and trust.

This happy soul of yours is magical, it knows all the secrets of life. It knows what really matters. But we are the ones who needs to listen to it. Who needs to follow it.

Leave behind all the bullshit that keeps you down. Because you were born to blossom. You were born to realize all your potentials and no matter situation you can do it. No matter how hard life gets, you can manage it. Don’t listen to that voice in your mind that tells you, you are not good enough. That’s bullshit. Be nice to yourself. Support yourself. You want to lift yourself up or you want to put yourself down? You are the one who is controlling your life. You are the creator. Make the best out of it. No one can save you from your own demons. You need to stop listening the voice that tells you bad stuff.

Focus on support, kindness, love. Let it grow. Focus on what you want. Change your flow of thoughs when you see that are making you feel down. Change them to what you want to experience, how you want to feel. Think about something that warms your heart, that speaks to your soul. Life will start to change. The more you practice this, easier it gets. And suddenly you realize you are happy. You are free.

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