Whispers of the heart

So I decided I wanna travel a bit and I was determined to find a way how to do it.

I was searching online different options how people manage this, without big savings, since I didn’t have so much money aside. The most cheap way to me seemed to go as voulenter to different places, like farms, communities, festivals … and in between earn some money with seasonal jobs. This seemed to me like a nice way to learn new skills, meet the locals, having fun with people and still have some time to spend by yourself.

One night after a job, I couldn’t sleep. I felt sad and I started searching on one web page, which friend of mine recommended to me. I found one community which seemed very interesting to me. It was a small, off-grid community in France. When I read their vision and what are they about I immediately felt, that this is the place. I knew and felt in my heart, that this is the place to begin my journey. I was feeling so excited, that I couldn’t fell asleep.

Me and my cousin share the same idea what kind of a life we want to live. We are both interested in life, meeting new people, doing art, dancing a lot, being like a children semetimes, enjoying life and let it flow with what it comes. So I was in my bed, trying to get some sleep and I heard him coming home from work. I stood up, went to him and asked if he wants to join me. “I will gonna go here. I found a perfect place. Do you wanna come with me?” I said very enthusiastic and full of excitment. Of course he couldn’t say no. I was feeling very happy.

We quit our jobs and all other official things thats needed to be done.
I felt so free after quiting a job, so full of love and joy. In my heart I was at peace again. Feeling, that this was the right decision.

After that, many peaces of puzzles, started falling in the place. For two weeks my life seemed like a fairly tale. One magic thing after another started to happen. I felt blessed, exploding from energy and love. All those magical moments which were happening gave me just confirmation: yeees you are going in the right direction.

The main thing that I realized in this moments was, how is really efficient that we listen to our own hearts and that we dare to trust it and follow it! It is definitely worth it.

I understand that sometimes is hard to listen the heart, sometimes even you do not hear it and that could be also a problem. Or you are in denying. But you can learn and train yourself to listen and to become more aware of its voice. Start with small things. For example when you have a free time, ask it, give your hands at your hearts place and ask what do I want to do now? What are my needs right now? Close your eyes and feel it. Then what comes first, follow that. Do that. Don’t let yourself be convinced by your mind, that its not worth it, or that you don’t have time or some other stupid excuse. More and more you practice this, more you will gain, more you will be in tune with your needs and wants. Side effect of this is happiness, joy, peace with yourself, fullfilment… All those beautiful stuff that we all want to feel and experience. And many more presents and realizations will also come along the way, which you would have not imagined.

I’m telling you, one more time, follow your heart because you won’t regret it.

Maybe this sounds corny to you, I heard so many times before, listen to your heart, and didn’t really doing it. You need to approach this with awerness and discipline. But if you deep down in your body feel the cravings for a different life, different experience, more joy, fullfilment, purpose, then you have a good chance to master this skill. Everything that is true for you and right for you, will be felt in the heart, your heart, only yours. Every heart holds a different dreams inside. And you can unlock only yours.

We need more and more people that follows the heart, who listens the soul, people that still have the sparkle in the eyes.

If we all wake up and start living life more fully and more from the heart. If we start creating and dancing our lifes, by the song it is played in our souls, then one day, maybe, we create a real paradise here.

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