In quarantine I had a lots of time just for myself. For the things I love. Like painting, dancing, spending time in nature, singing with friends etc. I really felt my own flow. I was in tune with my heart and soul. It was so precious.

Then I started working again. I saw and felt how much of my energy and time just go somehow to waste. I felt how my inner fire is slowly burning low. And I didn’t like it at all.
I felt sadness, hopelessness and disconnection.

I needed a change. Big one.
First I needed to admit who am I. What I like. What would I like to experience. How would I want to feel.
This change meant I need to change my lifestyle.

I always wanted to travel, explore, try different things, live more spontaneous and experience the magic of the Universe-synchronicity out there in the world.

And I felt that now was the time to go beyond my comfortable zone. I decided I will find a way how to travel, make money on the way and be as free as I can possibly be. I trust in me and the Universe.

After this decision came a rush of energy.
Feeling connected to myself.
The inner fire started burning again. More than ever before!

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